We get asked a lot on which sports bra is suitable for which activities. Do bear in mind that different support has different function. Like for example, the light support one is very suitable for yoga, especially the Bikram. But let’s look into more detail on the type of sports bra and which one to choose for your activities.


Compression or encapsulation?

Compression: The structure of it compress the breast against the body to limit their movement. Usually designed for those with smaller breasts, or for low to moderate impact workouts (e.g., easy jogging, brisk walking, etc)

Encapsulation: This type of bra looks like normal bra, with clasps on the front or back. This type of sports bra with individual cups are designed specially for those with larger-breasted women.

I cannot emphasize enough that finding a right sports bra for you is very crucial. Study shows that excessive jiggling can damage your breast tissue and can lead to sagging. ☹

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